What Change Virtual Reality Can Possibly Bring By 2035?

What Change Virtual Reality Can Possibly Bring
What Change Virtual Reality Can Possibly Bring

With a faster changing world, old technology is upgrading and new technology is launching every day. It’s natural to wonder what cool stuff the virtual reality future might bring?

Considering the pace at which the world is moving ahead, VR is going to change the world upside down. Things that seem impossible today would be possible in the next decade.

New job opportunities would give financial stability to the youth of the country. Applying to a foreign university would become easier for students. Virtually meeting and greeting new people can become a new normal.

Hence, there is no doubt that the future of VR is brighter than sunlight. Not only tech but marketing, medical, manufacturing, and more other industries have started experimenting with VR. 

Some of them even got positive results. So exactly what can VR hold for the future? Let’s find out. 

How Virtual Reality Can Change The Future?

With millions of VR sets getting sold each year, the extended reality is certainly going to change the future. While Elon Musk is developing a Neurolink chip to connect the human brain with technology, VR might play a massive role in it. 

Apart from gaming, the following parts of human life are going to upgrade with the future of VR and AR.

VR in Learning

E-learning is already a large part of the education industry. Hence, it’s no surprise that VR would enhance the e-learning experience for students across the world.

Many startups and tech companies have started offering VR-enriched learning packages for schools and colleges. 

vr in learning

With this new way of remote education, students won’t have to worry about their location. Anyone can learn from anywhere via VR and it will be a near-real classroom experience. I never imagined before that there would be the opportunity to do my essay online right from my room, even while being in class.

As virtual conferencing is possible, learning in a VR classroom together with more students would make the education even more fun.

In fact, the study showed that medical students trained via VR headsets were able to perform the surgery in a more efficient way. 

This will also eliminate the need for enhanced classrooms and college buildings. VR will provide everything remotely.

VR in Remote Work

Remote work has become a new normal these days. Pandemic, however dreadful, taught how to work without physically being in an office.

Many startups realized that they don’t need to invest in a massive office space as similar outcomes can be achieved from home.

use of vr in work from home

The virtual office space is the future of work from home. VR headsets would create an office-like environment for people to work together. So, meetings would be virtual. 

VR sets would enhance the remote connectivity of printers and scanners for the sales department. VR will also promote training employees from remote locations.

Basically, whatever job you have in the real world would be possible in the virtual world. 

VR In Socializing

From meeting people in colleges or offices to meeting people on Skype, life changed. Socializing online will soon become a normal thing.

While skype calls can only let you see and talk to a person, VR would help you meet them. Yes, the virtual world holds a bright future for socializing.

use vr to socialize

People would be able to go on a date, meet people at parks, hang out some place nice, and all this would be virtual. 

There are already some virtual chat rooms available via VR Chat, AltspaceVR, and Rec Room. 

So for people who want to meet new people but don’t want to leave the comfort of home, VR socializing would be the way.

VR In Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping? Everyone loves to go to a mall, try some new dresses, swipe a card, and take home bags full of shopping. That’s the ideal weekend plan.

Imagine doing all of that while laying on a comfortable sofa with a cup of coffee. Sounds royal, right? 

leveraging vr to shop

People are already obsessed with online shopping. Combining online orders with virtual reality, shopping would also be remote. You can literally go to any mall or shopping street you like and virtually shop for hours. 

Elderly citizens who are not fit enough to go out to buy essentials would be able to do that virtually. Many senior citizens who live alone and need assistance in going out will get back their social life in the Virtual World.

Busy parents can quickly go on virtual shopping when their kids are taking a nap. The overall shopping experience will become more easy and comfortable in the near future. 

VR In Gaming & Entertainment

vr gaming

When it comes to VR, how can we not talk about the most booming industry? Gaming has already become VR friendly and it will upgrade even more in the future. 

You must have watched a 3D marvel movie with glasses provided by the theatre. Bet you had fun. But, it’s not the actual 3D. 

What if you can actually be in a movie? This won’t be impossible with what VR can do. The gaming and Entertainment industry has a fantastic future with extended reality.

Now that you know how life would be in virtual reality, let’s discuss industries that share the future with virtual reality. 

6 Industries Virtual Reality May Impact In The Future


Newspapers were replaced by smartphone news apps. And now the VR headset would replace the apps with more realistic newsrooms.

As VR is capable of near-real storytelling, the Journalism industry would benefit a lot from it. In fact, some popular news channels are already experimenting with VR. 

vr in journalism

In 2017, New York Times released a series of videos of ‘Life on Mars’. With a VR set, people could experience Mars-like conditions. 

Virtual newsrooms would become one of the growing industries with VR. 

Medical Field

Medical and healthcare fields are already trying to set up virtual reality in both training and treatments.

Doctors and nurses can learn surgeries and undergo necessary training in the virtual world. It’s safer and doesn’t need additional resources. 

use of vr in medical field

For patients, VR has been a positive addition in treatment. The headset can be used as a distraction while going through a painful treatment. 

It is also being used in mental health improvement. Treating depression, anxiety, stress using VR meditation, and calming exercises is showing positive outcomes.

VR socializing would become a potential treatment for autism in children and adults. Hence, both doctors and patients can benefit from the extended reality. 

Manufacturing & Retail

Manufacturing and retails are sorts of accident-prone industries. Handling goods, lifting heavy objects, relocating materials, and working with machinery could be dangerous.

These types of jobs need thorough training and practice. It takes months for a new employee to get used to the work. Employees have to learn safety measures and quality standards. 

vr in manufacturing and retail sector

In the future, virtual reality can open up a new way to train employees. It would be perfectly safe and rather more effective. 

Employees would be able to take the training from any location and join the company after learning everything. It will save tons of resources and avoid any sort of accidents. 


Going on a trip is fantastic. But with a trip comes massive bills for travel, accommodation, and food. 

But thanks to VR, you would be able to go anywhere in the world without leaving your house. The tourism industry would gain two types of benefits from VR. 

vr in tourism

The first would be to offer virtual trips. Second would be to give a glimpse of the place where the person is actually going on a trip.

So it would be possible to see the hotel rooms, restaurants, and neighborhoods beforehand. Tourism is already a massive industry and it will certainly grow in the future with virtual technology.

Real Estate

While talking about industries benefiting from VR, real estate won’t be left behind. It’s a multi trillion-dollar industry with tons of possible VR applications.

use of vr in real estate

Firstly, people would be able to virtually see the house before purchasing. Taking a tour of the neighborhood, finding schools for children and taking a glimpse of a town would be possible. 

Interior designing of the house and home upgradation would become easier with VR headsets. 

Gyms & Exercising

You must have seen a gym playing songs or movies to entertain people during exercise. Some gyms even put a screen with a beautiful view to give a peaceful effect.

But it’s not a realistic experience. What if you can cycle around a peaceful town with soothing weather and gorgeous scenery?

vr in gym and exercise

Those days are not long away when you can have a virtual exercise experience. Wearing a headset and walking on a treadmill in a virtual world would make the exercise more fun. 

More people will start doing exercise. As finding a peaceful place is not easy these days, VR can fill that void. It’s not only to make the exercise fun but also to treat stress and depression amid a busy lifestyle. 

The Bottom Line

“VR is a way to escape the real world into something more fantastic. It has the potential to be the most social technology of all time”, says Palmer Luckey, Founder of Oculus Rift.

Indeed, the virtual reality future holds mind-blowing upgrades in various industries. A few decades ago, nobody thought technology could create another life for a human being. ‘We only have one life and one reality’ quickly got overshadowed by the virtual world.

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed reality, AKA extended reality, is the truth of the future. By 2035, at least a few of the above industries would become VR-enriched. The next generation will have a totally different life. And with new innovations, Virtual Reality is going to take real life to the next level.

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