6 Uses of Virtual Reality in Real Life

6 Uses of Virtual Reality in Real Life
6 Uses of Virtual Reality in Real Life

Hearing about virtual reality, the 1st thing that comes to our head is – either it’s about hi-tech games or sci-fi movies.

Growing up, I used to think putting on VR glasses takes us into the computer world.

Although it doesn’t work like we see it in Hollywood, people still associate VR technology primarily with computer games. 

However, VR is not just a source of entertainment or a way to make gaming more fun. In fact, it has a ton of real-life uses that you may have never thought about.

So today, I want to take you on a journey through the VR space. That way, you can see the abundance of opportunities it creates for making lasting changes.

Without any further ado, let’s see how useful VR can be.

How Virtual Reality Impacts Different Aspects of Life?

Although we see major advancement in the VR field, its uses are still not as impactful as they might become.

For anyone to experience VR, money is what needed. Not only this, a space to keep all of the additional hardware that we need for the technology to work.

However, just because something isn’t convenient, doesn’t mean that it’s not impacting our lives in a meaningful way.

Virtual reality is specifically useful for training purposes in various fields like:

  • Cavalry
  • Medical
  • School & Colleges
  • Fashion
  • Manufacturing
  • Architecting & Engineering

Now that you’re aware of what VR can change, take a look at some key examples of the same.

6 Ways Virtual Reality Is Impacting Our Lives 

NASA Training 

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab lets astronauts are learning to control robotic arms. All of this is possible because of the Oculus headsets and the Microsoft’s Kinetic Motion sensors pairing.

The idea behind this training is to teach astronauts the operating of robotic equipment. It could be potentially great for future missions.

use of vr in nasa training

NASA also has a software that simulates a zero-G environment. Along with VR headsets, astronauts can learn how to perform maintenance on International Space Station missions in zero gravity. This has empowered the human race to conduct thrilling missions while being in a safe environment. 

Helping People With PTSD

Virtual Reality technologies diagnose those who suffer from PTSD, a condition that occurs when a person goes through extremely traumatic experiences in their life. Even the US army use it for the treatment of soldiers that go through horrific events during their deployment.

vr helps people suffering from ptsd

2014’s American Sniper is based on a U.S. soldier that experiences PTSD and is based on a true story. Several such soldiers have witnessed the horrors of war and can benefit from this technology. 

The VR software is good for recreating the traumatic life experience that a person has been through and then the patient can relive those moments through the use of VR.

In psychology, we call this method of healing Exposure therapy and it really reduces the symptoms of PTSD in patients.

Testing A New Vacation Place

Through VR technology, a lot of travel agencies have begun using software to show customers places where they can travel. It’s sort of like a free test drive to the vacation spot so that potential travelers can see where they are going, how it looks, and if it fits their idea of a place for the holidays. 

leverage vr to test new vacation destination

This is a way for travel agencies to come back to life since they’ve been hit pretty hard by the emergence of businesses like AirBnB. By using VR to simulate real-life places, they are starting to offer a service that would still be unavailable for internet platforms. 

Investigating Crimes 

It may be surprising to hear, but VR may actually help the judicial system work even better. This can be done through the usage of VR software and 3D imagery so that crime scenes can be recreated. This can provide a better sense of the situation to the jury, police officers, and lawyers. 

use vr to investigate crime

Research from the University of Zurich proved that interactive technology helps people visualize and understand the details of a case, enabling them to make a better-informed decision on the matter at hand.  

Virtual Test Driving 

Companies that make cars are always looking for ways to hook their customers in to offer them new experiences and services. One of the first companies to make use of VR technology in the automobile business was Volvo. 

They used Alphabet’s Google Cardboard to allow users to test drive the new SUV XC90 on a mountain-like rocky road. Audi also tapped their foot into virtual reality for the Q5 SUV release and created a special atmosphere so that drivers can experience the vehicle in different environments. 

use of vr for test drive

Cadillac encouraged a lot of their low-volume showrooms to go fully virtual, with little or no inventory available. 

Instead of having models on hand, the dealership will have VR headsets through which customers can look at the different models and be able to choose the right car for them. 

This is a revolutionary way to see cars to potential customers. This technology negates the use of space to keep inventory and machinery and reduces business cost. 

Sports Training

A lot of athletes in different sports, from golf and tennis to basketball, have begun using VR technology to enhance their training and improve their skills. There are tons of programs available nowadays that offer simulation of specific sports, which combined with VR hardware enables players to work on their in-game skills from the comfort of their homes. 

sports training with vr

VR technology is also used with kids in a lot of sports centres since it makes the training process more engaging and interesting for children, who usually lose focus easily. However, the use of VR in sports still has a long way to go. 

Why Should You Pay Attention to VR Technology? 

If before reading this article, you were one of those people that just thought of virtual reality as just some gaming gadget that’s just for kids, then I sincerely hope you’ve altereted your perception towards the same.

For those of you that are still on the fence about VR, I will try to give you some more reasons as to why you should pay attention to this ever-developing space.

Virtual reality will become highly crucial for all types of businesses in the future. With the advancement of this technology, companies will be able to offer users new experiences and solutions, to further expand their business models. This applies to almost any industry from fashion to sports. Let’s just take a quick peek at what some developments might achieve. 

In the world of sports, VR might transform the way training is done and I’ve already covered it up. 

Another area where we can see virtual reality play a huge role is in broadcasting. Just imagine being able to buy a ticket, so you can watch a big football game in 3D from the comfort of your home. It will be a transformative experience. The way we experience sports will radically change and will probably lead to more interesting changes. 

With fashion, things are similar. Designs can be made directly in 3D, saving time and efforts required for creating samples. Furthermore, virtual reality can make fashion shows even more interesting with the usage of cool visual effects and different stage settings. 

Overall, virtual reality can help almost every brand out there and its customers. New and unique experiences will emerge and that will help companies separate themselves from competitors in the market. 

The Bottom Line 

Virtual reality is one space that is really developing significantly in the last few years. And guess what? It will become even more important in the future. Even if you’re skeptical of its use, you should still pay attention to it because so far you must have understood that VR will become an integral part of our daily lives one day. 

New companies that are in the virtual reality sector are getting launched every day. New advancements are taking place almost on a day-to-day basis. So if you’re not paying close attention, you may end up missing out on some new technology that is useful for your job or company. 

Keep in mind that VR is not only used for gaming and entertainment, it also has tons of use cases in sectors such as education and design. 

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