Virtual Reality in Fields that You Didn’t Really Know Exist

Virtual Reality in Fields that You Didn’t Really Know Exist
Virtual Reality in Fields that You Didn’t Really Know Exist

Ever went beyond the imagination of what Virtual Reality can do? Well, you can’t surpass that but wonder because possibilities are endless. 

When you hear these two words (VR), the most prominent thought that comes to mind is- gaming applications. 

Playstation and VR have almost become a common combination these days. But do you know VR has applications in tons of other industries?

Yes, it’s not just about gaming or watching a movie in a 360-degree view field. Virtual or Augmented reality is beyond that. While VR has indeed transformed the world of gaming to an exceptional level, VR also makes many other things seem effortless. After all, it’s the reality in the technological world.

Today, top industries are exploring the applications of VR and AR. Fortunately, the research has landed the technology into industries that can benefit from a headset in more than one way. Let’s find out what a single VR device can do, shall we?

Virtual Reality Is Not Just Gaming – Let’s Bust A Myth First!  

The fact that NASA and the US military view VR as more useful to train soldiers and astronauts is proof that VR is more than a gaming console. In fact, NASA is trying to control a robotic arm and some operations in the spacecraft using a VR headset from the earth.

Things that are hard or rather unsafe can be done via Mixed reality. Today, hospitals, sales, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, the military, and many other industries are marveling with VR. Besides, VR was not explicitly made for gaming. It was just the first thing that popped into people’s minds, and Playstation-VR became buddies.

Moving on from the gaming industry, here are some fantastic applications of VR that you did not know. Prepare to get your mind blown. 

8 Types Of Virtual Reality You Didn’t Know About 

Medical Field

In the past decade, the medical field has been evolving alongside technology. Collaboration between technology and medical procedures has led to innovative ways to treat patients.

virtual reality in medical

That being said, doctors and nurses are also benefiting from VR to accomplish safe surgery training. 

Today, VR can be used to practice various complex surgeries and medical treatments. It’s not just safer but more efficient as well. Other than this, dentists and doctors are using VR to distract patients from painful treatments. 

UK-based research in 2017 showed positive results on dental treatment that used VR to distract the patients. 

Imagine enjoying a 3D virtual world when your teeth are being treated. Won’t that be fun? Medical domains are evidently making wonderful use of VR, and this is just the start.

Exposure Therapy And Distraction Therapy

While we are exploring the medical application of VR, doctors are now using it as therapy.

Exposure therapy is used for patients who have  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The treatment usually goes by recollecting the trauma, sharing the feelings, and exploring the part of the heart that needs treatment. 

use of vr to treat ptsd

The same method is used via a VR headset to treat the patient by showing specific scenarios. Patients have been responding positively to this new VR PTSD treatment.

Similarly, distraction therapy is used to treat pain or burns. The head-mounted VR set can take patients to the other reality, away from the pain as the doctor treats them. Often, military officers go through extreme physical and mental trauma. In such cases, these treatments are beneficial.

Treating Autism In Children And Adults

Researchers and doctors in the past few years are trying to find the best possible autism treatment.

Every Autism patient is unique and the effectiveness of treatments can be very uncertain. Hence, Texas university professors came up with virtual therapies for autism. 

vr is used to treat autism

Patients are exposed to virtual scenarios such as interviews and multiple social conversations to improve their responses.

This particular application of VR is still in progress. But, it will certainly have improved results in the coming years.

Job Training And Conferencing

Industries in which employees have to go through physical training, equipment handling, and inventory management also benefit from VR. 

use of vr in job training

Employees can be trained in a safe environment from anywhere without any injuries or safety hazards. In fact, VR has better training practice applications than the real world. It allows one to practice every possible scenario in a safe environment.

Not only this, VR conferencing can make more than one person attend a training session together. It becomes easier irrespective of the location of the employee.

Vehicle Test Drives

Virtual Reality has more than one application for vehicle testing. Firstly, engineers can virtually design and test the car before manufacturing it. This allows an engineer to understand potential defects of the design. Many popular companies are using VR sets for manufacturing safe vehicles.

vr in vehicle test drives

Secondly, customers can also take a virtual test drive before purchasing the car. VR allows the choice of taking a test drive of an actual car or experiencing it through a virtual drive.

Basically, VR eliminates a lot of challenges of vehicle manufacturing and testing.

Designing Architectural Models

Earlier, architects were heavily dependent on blueprints and 3D images on a computer. However in the modern world, engineers and architects are also employing VR to create designs in the virtual world. 

vr in architecture

With VR sets, engineers can get an idea of the actual construction field to estimate further designs. Along with this, a team of architects can collaborate via virtual meetings and sightseeing to construct a model. 

More importantly, there won’t be any chance of errors because it’s a near-real experience,

Vacation Planning Via Virtual Experience

What’s the first thing people do before planning a trip? Search for hotels, destinations, and restaurants. Now, what you see on Google search results are only pictures or videos. What if you can actually visit the hotel you want to stay in and the destinations you want to see?

plan your vacation with vr

VR applications in tours and travels can make that happen. You can virtually visit the places and effectively plan your vacation. There won’t be any disappointing surprises at the actual location as you will have a glimpse of the place beforehand. VR will help you see virtually what you will experience in reality.

Besides, even if you won’t be able to go on an actual trip, it’s fun to sit at home and virtually visit another country.

So it’s like testing out the place, before even going, isn’t that great? 

Underwater Education And Exploration

VR is also making its way into the academic and social spheres. A museum in Philadelphia has a virtual reality headset for people to explore the underwater world. 

study underwater life with virtual reality

It lets children study various aquatic plant and animal species. Also, the technology can track underwater waste to reduce pollution in the seas and oceans.

Just like tourism, VR can be used as underwater tour equipment to experience the exquisite life beneath the water.

The Bottom Line

We just have had a look at some of the booming applications of VR. The past couple of years have created phenomenal inventions in Virtual reality and have opened paths for more research in various domains. What seemed impossible a few decades ago is real today.

In the coming years, Virtual Reality will have more advanced applications for the real world. Education can be the biggest beneficiary of VR. In a few years, Education will be virtually allowing students from all over the world to learn from well-known universities across the globe.

Similarly, VR will help remove the limitations of the real world by enabling activities in the virtual world. Soon, there will be a day when VR will assist in advanced treatments and processes, and work will become easy and effortless.

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